The Takeshy Kurosawa brand is histrionic, sharp, rigorously unconventional, just like the fantasy name that gave it life and personality. It is one of the most celebrated Italian brands in the world of denim: it has broken national boundaries with uncommon production capacity and has become a must in international fashion capitals. The brand's manufacturing company is constantly growing and evolving with particular regard to customer service, which has become one of the strong points over time. Always attentive to the brand strategy both in terms of management, with the inauguration of the new company headquarters oriented to the pursuit of excellence in the management of production processes, both in terms of marketing and communication, with the opening of the new showroom to inside the company headquarters, a futuristic design space designed to give the customer a total product experience, both participating in important international exhibitions such as the Modefabriek in Amsterdam, Bread & Butter in Berlin and Pitti Uomo in Florence.

The creativity of the style center is the beating heart of Takeshy Kurosawa. A young designer team that takes the name of Creative Group with creative inspiration in its veins, breaks the rules, anticipates trends and designs new collections.

Takeshy Kurosawa is pure denim, 100% made in Italy, embellished by the extraordinary tympanum canvases imported directly from the Japanese Kurabo and Amhot, the leaders of the oriental TEXTILE manufacture. Creation, production, processing, finishing and control take place exclusively in Italy and each garment is the result of a meticulous search for perfection in all steps of the production process, without compromise. Among its partners it boasts the most prestigious names in the fashion production scene working with the most important brands in the world.

The man of Takeshy Kurosawa has an irresistible narcissistic instinct animated by an essence of pure sensuality. He's young, he lives by leaps and feeds on experiences, in the world of special occasions as in everyday life between work, free time and night time entertainment. He expresses his style life with a magnetic total look that runs bold beyond the confines of the eccentric, from the urban everyday aggressive to the elegant informal, in a delightful imperfect balance.